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The Small Dog Appreciation Society print edition. These fantastic Giclée prints are inspired by Dutch wax print fabrics and the ever growing popularity of pint sized pets.

Havanese is the national dog of Cuba, The Havanese is an old breed from the bichon family. Originally, Tenerife dogs came to Cuba with Spanish farmers and noblemen in the early 1500s. These dogs developed into the Havanese with little, if any, outside influences. In Havana, the breed became a family pet. By the 18th century, Europeans vacationing in Havana discovered the Havanese. The little dog quickly became a hit among Spanish, French and British nobility. With Castro's revolution, some Cubans who fled to the United States brought their Havanese with them. These 11 dogs became the foundation stock for the Havanese of today.


All artwork is printed on archival heavyweight paper
Size: 297mm x 420mm / 11.7" x 16.5"


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