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The Small Dog Appreciation Society print edition. These fantastic Giclée prints are inspired by Dutch wax print fabrics and the ever growing popularity of pint sized pets.

In 1835, Britain outlawed the brutal blood sport of bull-baiting. Unemployed, bulldogs were resigned to a simpler life, including less stringent breeding laws. Breeders began crossing the massive Bullenbeisser to create the modern bulldogs we know, including the breeding of terriers and bulldogs to create smaller version of the bulldog. By 1850, London was littered with miniature Bulldogs. These dogs hardly resembled their Bullenbeisser ancestors, sharing only the famously short muzzle and broad facial structure. They had become companion dogs, rather than sporting dogs.


Miniature Bulldogs were popular with artisan lace makers in the English midlands. These same artisans were forced out by the Industrial Revolution and moved to France in search for work. They brought with them their pint-sized pets. The breed became  so popular amongst the French that  it was named the "Bouledogue Français" and  instantly became a fashion symbol of Parisian life, from prostitutes, madames, and the social elite. The companion Bouledogue Français became a required addition to any socialite’s lap.


All artwork is printed on archival heavyweight paper
Size: 297mm x 420mm / 11.7" x 16.5"


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