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Collage illustration artwork for Blue Print Africa  www.blueprintafrica.com









































































Royal wedding plate commission for Paloma Faith.

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Natasha Lisa is a London born Jewellery designer and illustrator from Hackney. Operating under the Afro Deco label, Natasha channels the stylistic influences of Art Deco design and the vibrant patterns of Dutch wax fabric in her diverse range of acrylic jewellery and artworks. She has made jewellery for Paloma Faith, former Noisettes frontwoman Shingai Shoniwa and Kwaye.


Natasha studied Fine Art at Central St Martin's and Jewellery Manufacturing at the British Academy of Jewellery formerly known as Holts Academy. She taught Perspex, mixed media and resin jewellery making at the London Jewellery School and also runs jewellery making pop up classes in the UK and Montreal, Canada.


My love for Art Deco started as a child in the late 80’s. I remember seeing an interior magazine with the most bizarre furniture I’d ever seen. Bright clashing colours mixed with animal print and asymmetrical shapes. It was the work of Italian designer and architect Ettore Sottsass, founder of The Memphis Group. From that moment I soon discovered the original extravagant style of Arts Décoratifs.  


There is a strong Afrocentric influence in my design which could be compared to African textiles. My work is inspired by African design, pop culture and Art Deco. If I had to categorize my work I'd probably describe it as Afro-pop.



Design Projects and Collaborations


Logo, cover design and marketing material for Shingai Shoniwa 'Ancient Futures'


































































































Mutiny UK album cover 'Mutations' and single cover

































Fabric print design for London Devine's 'KENTE-FLAGE' and 'AFRIKA-CAMO' collection





























Logo design for Project Noir www.projectnoirhub.com



































Jacket pins designed and handmade for Pro-Feel security company

















'Brenda Fassie' print design in collaboration with Vlisco. Designed for the 2018 Mystique Afrique event hosted by Ayiba Magazine. www.ayibamagazine.com